Give Your Product Strategy a Commercialisation Advantage

The 3-Day Commercialisation Advantage: Strategy and Planning Essentials Bootcamp (with tools)

June 27th - June 29th
3pm-5pm (GMT) each day
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In only 3 days learn the techniques you need to build your complete Commercialisation Strategy and:

Avoid Common Causes of Commercial Failure

11 out of 12 Tech-led start-ups fail and 75% of VC backed scale-ups fail. These failure rates would not be acceptable in other situations.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to stack the odds in your favour rather than against you?

Accelerate Your Market Success Goals

Europe's fastest start-up to $1bn valuation (unicorn) took only 10 months. In 2021 the rate of new USA unicorns doubled, in Europe they quadrupled!

Would you like to understand how you might tap into these success models and  accelerate your success?

Focus Capital and Resources for the Biggest Impact

Investors want you to prove that you are capital efficient and you want to have the confidence that your funds and teams are focused only on areas that will efficiently deliver your next milestones.

If we armed you with a Commercialisation Monitor that tracked all of your activities do you think this would help?

"The Commercialisation Advantage Framework enables entrepreneurs to maintain a disciplined focus on progress and provides strong mitigation against project failure."


Sandra Ripley

Business Development Executive, The Data Lab

"For tech guys it is very insightful to see and understand that the Product/MVP is only one of many critical parts of a successful commercialisation strategy."


Ashwani Mital


"Developing the one pager ‘ninja commercialisation strategy chart’ makes it easy for others to understand, respond, and buy into my pitch."


Hector Fried

Design Anthropologist and Co-Founder, InChat

Your Success Path

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What's Included in Your
Advantage Bootcamp:

Day 1 / Module 1

Vision, Goals And Maturity 

Your success is shaped by your understanding of reality, the vision that you have and the goals that you set.

  • Define your understanding of Commercialisation
  • Explore models of unicorn and soonicorn success
  • Use the Stockdale Paradox to get grounded
  • Unearth common causes of failure and the need to TADA (Take A Different Action)
  • Discover unexpected insights from a full model of the Commercialisation Journey
  • Work with your Commercialisation Workbench and assess your current and next milestone Commercial Goals.
Day 2 / Module 2

The 12 Commercialisation Pillars 

Discover the 12 Commercialisation Pillars and explore in detail the 4 External and the 6 Internal Pillars and use these to construct your core Commercialisation Strategy.

  • The 12 Commercialisation Pillars revealed
  • The 4 External Pillars (Market Space Definition, Successful Proposition Framing, Compelling Customer Definition and your Go-To-Market Strategy) laid bare
  • Your 6 Internal Pillars (Technology, IP Management, Product and Service creation, Manufacturing and Deployment, Talent, Leadership and Culture, and Funding and Investment) unwrapped
  • Complete the second workflow in your Commercialisation Workbench and lay the foundation for your Commercialisation Strategy.
Day 3 / Module 3

Your Commercialisation Strategy

Explore Commercialisation Strategies and Business Models before crafting your own. Review your Workbench outputs, the Commercialisation Canvas and your Commercialisation Monitor.

  • Dip into common Commercialisation Strategies
  • Learn and determine which strategic activities you need to pursue
  • Ensure that you have clarity over your strategic gaps
  • Unpack the 3 sub-components of a Business Model
  • Finalise your Workbench updates and Review, Share and Refine Commercialisation Monitor, your strategy and your plan.
  • Construct your Commercialisation Advantage  implementation plan.
Post-Course Bonus 1

Single-Product versus Multi-Product Families 

Up until this point you have been shown how to apply the Commercialisation Advantage Framework to a single product. In this bonus module you will learn how to apply the framework to a multi-product family to ensure that you maximise the potential for compound effects and eliminate duplicate and redundant effort. Once again ensuring that your commercialisation strategy remains resource efficient and complete across your entire product portfolio.

Post-Course Bonus 2

Actionable Product Positioning

Product Positioning for commercial advantage is core to success and is an area that participants most request further guidance. How do you identify a compelling position and communicate your differentiated value to a crowded and noisy market?

In this complete, 4 module, 10 Lesson course you will:  

  • Be introduced to the 5-Step Actionable Product Positioning Process designed to ensure that you identify your truly differentiated capabilities, your ideal customers and your highest priority markets.
  • Be shown how to apply this disciplined, repeatable product positioning process to unearth your 'secret sauce'.
  • Unwrap the messaging required to ensure that your customers understand why your product needs their attention. 
  • Learn how to translate your positioning into an effective sales pitch that makes you product stand out from the pack.

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Jim Foley

Founder and CEO, Actionable Business

Jim Foley has an executive career of over 30+ years in technology businesses. He has deep expertise taking products to market internationally for young companies and for global companies. Jim is passionately creating the Actionable team, content, tools and community that help tech-led entrepreneurs and ventures reduce the risk of failure and accelerate launch and scale-up success.

Jim Foley


David Wilson

CTO, Actionable Business

David Wilson is an accomplished CTO experienced in building operations and software engineering throughout the entrepreneurial scale-up journey. As SVP Engineering at the unicorn company Craneware, David transformed the software development process and the transition from 5 to over 125 engineers to support international customer growth.

David Wilson

Example Participant Feedback in Full

Eric Rickard
CEO, StandGard

'To my surprise Jim Foley opened my eyes to the myriad of causes of commercialisation failure and the key factors that get us to success.'

'(The Commercialisation Advantage Tool) is now the centrepiece of our strategy development process.'

Javi Perez-Griffo
Serial Technology Entrepreneur

'One of the things that I loved was the one-page Commercialisation Monitor'.

'I am pretty impressed! I wish I had this stuff a few years back.'


Ed Hickey
Commercial Director, DabApps

'Jim and the team provide a great deal of insights and examples of real life cases.'

'(Instead of boring spreadsheets) we now have a way of articulating our plan and reviewing our progress against goals in a much more structured format.'


Give Your Product Strategy a Commercialisation Advantage

The 3-Day Commercialisation Advantage: Strategy and Planning Essentials Bootcamp (with tools)

June 27th - June 29th
3pm-5pm (BST) each day
Only £695 (exc. VAT)


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